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Michael Tuexen 644cffe67f
sctp: improve sending of packets containing an INIT ACK chunk
2 hours ago
amd64 ath(4): always enable 11n 2 days ago
arm ath(4): always enable 11n 2 days ago
arm64 arm64: Tell userspace when BTI is supported 2 days ago
cam scsi_da: add 4K quirks for Samsung SSD 860 and 870 5 days ago
cddl Abstract UIO allocation and deallocation. 2 weeks ago
compat LinuxKPI: 802.11: implement a deferred RX path 2 days ago
conf ath(4): always enable 11n 2 days ago
contrib ice_ddp: Update package to 4 days ago
ddb ddb: Fix typo (triple S) 2 months ago
dev if_hn: Fix two typos in source code comments 11 hours ago
dts add allwinner overlays for enabling additional USB ports 4 weeks ago
fs fs/msdosfs fatblock: use ulmin() rather than min() 1 day ago
geom graid: unbreak Promise RAID1 with 4+ providers 2 weeks ago
i386 ath(4): always enable 11n 2 days ago
kern tests: Fixing incomplete atf_skip if missing jail condition 1 day ago
modules Import the kernel parts of bhyve/arm64 3 days ago
net lagg: wrap lagg_port2req() into LAGG_SLOCK() 18 hours ago
net80211 net80211: Fix two typos in kernel messages 5 days ago
netgraph sockets: garbage collect SS_ISCONFIRMING 4 weeks ago
netinet sctp: improve sending of packets containing an INIT ACK chunk 2 hours ago
netinet6 Revert "sockets: retire sorflush()" 3 weeks ago
netipsec netipsec: fix LINT-NOINET build 1 month ago
netlink sys/netlink/route/iface.c: remove an extra semicolon 3 weeks ago
netpfil ipfw: Skip to the start of the loop when following a keep-state rule 1 week ago
ofed sockets: provide correct pr_shutdown for keysock and SDP 1 month ago
powerpc ath(4): always enable 11n 2 days ago
riscv busdma: fix page miscount for small segment sizes 1 week ago
rpc rpc: Fix typo in comment 2 weeks ago
sys umtxvar.h: Add missing include 5 days ago
tests callout: retire callout_async_drain() 1 month ago
tools makesyscalls: generate private syscall symbols 3 weeks ago
ufs Eliminate unnecessary UFS1 integrity checks. 5 days ago
vm pmap: Convert boolean_t to bool. 3 weeks ago
x86 x86/ucode: add support for early loading of CPU ucode on AMD. 2 days ago
xen x86/xen: introduce non-hypercall based emergency print 2 days ago

FreeBSD Kernel Source:

This directory contains the source files and build glue that make up the FreeBSD kernel and its modules, including both original and contributed software.

Kernel configuration files are located in the conf/ subdirectory of each architecture. GENERIC is the configuration used in release builds. NOTES contains documentation of all possible entries. LINT is a compile-only configuration used to maximize build coverage and detect regressions.


Source code documentation is maintained in a set of man pages, under section 9. These pages are located in share/man/man9, from the top-level of the src tree. Consult intro(9) for an overview of existing pages.

Some additional high-level documentation of the kernel is maintained in the Architecture Handbook.

Source Roadmap:

Directory Description
amd64 AMD64 (64-bit x86) architecture support
arm 32-bit ARM architecture support
arm64 64-bit ARM (AArch64) architecture support
cam Common Access Method storage subsystem - cam(4) and ctl(4)
cddl CDDL-licensed optional sources such as DTrace
conf kernel build glue
compat Linux compatibility layer, FreeBSD 32-bit compatibility
contrib 3rd-party imported software such as OpenZFS
crypto crypto drivers
ddb interactive kernel debugger - ddb(4)
fs most filesystems, excluding UFS, NFS, and ZFS
dev device drivers and other arch independent code
gdb kernel remote GDB stub - gdb(4)
geom GEOM framework - geom(4)
i386 i386 (32-bit x86) architecture support
kern main part of the kernel
libkern libc-like and other support functions for kernel use
modules kernel module infrastructure
net core networking code
net80211 wireless networking (IEEE 802.11) - net80211(4)
netgraph graph-based networking subsystem - netgraph(4)
netinet IPv4 protocol implementation - inet(4)
netinet6 IPv6 protocol implementation - inet6(4)
netipsec IPsec protocol implementation - ipsec(4)
netpfil packet filters - ipfw(4), pf(4), and ipfilter(4)
opencrypto OpenCrypto framework - crypto(7)
powerpc PowerPC/POWER (32 and 64-bit) architecture support
riscv 64-bit RISC-V architecture support
security security facilities - audit(4) and mac(4)
sys kernel headers
tests kernel unit tests
ufs Unix File System - ffs(7)
vm virtual memory system
x86 code shared by AMD64 and i386 architectures