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The final word in container orchestration

Jailio is meant to be as integrated as possible with FreeBSD Jail subsystem



First, clone the repo into a FreeBSD machine

Next, run make install


Jailio loves to have ZFS, so make sure you have a system with ZFS

To create a ZFS dataset for Jails, run the following

zfs create -o mountpoint=/usr/local/jails zroot/jails

Then, need to specify the ZFS dataset for Jailio and enable Jails

sysrc jailio_dir="zfs:zroot/jails"
sysrc jail_enable="YES"


Jailio uses the jail.conf.d patch, to patch your system run

jailio init

Usually jailio will do this automatically at the first run

First you will need to create a switch

jailio switch create -a public

Sidenote: the name public is just a description, it does nothing

Now you can create a Jail

jailio create -r 12.2-RELEASE -b bridge0 -d -a www0

Sidenote: At first run this will download the base.txz tarball from FreeBSD. If your connection is slow then you can use another mirror by doing setenv FreeBSD_mirror in (t)csh or export FreeBSD_mirror= in (ba)sh

Now you can enter the jail

jailio console www0

you can also run scripts/programs from the host into the jail

jailio exec -f ~/scripts/ www0

you can make a snapshot of your jail (while running)

jailio snap www0

will make a snapshot with the snapshot name as current date with minutes/seconds

jailio snap www0@server_ready

will make a named snapshot to use later.

Now we will clone our snapshot

jailio create -s www0@server_ready -b bridge0 -d -a www_prod